AFT Connecticut

June 2019 “AFT in Action”

June 28, 2019

The latest episode features a review in two parts of the public policy gains made during the 2019 regular session of the state's General Assembly, which adjourned on June 5. AFT Connecticut President Jan Hochadel leads both discussions, and is joined by Teri Merisotis and Jim Vigue, who together coordinate the state federation's legislative and political programs.

Merisotis and Vigue share a report-back with highlights of the session during part one and join Hochadel as co-hosts for part two. Their guests for the second discussion are state and local leaders John Disette, Ed Leavy and Bill Garrity, RN, who each share an example of legislation impacting their unions' members.


AFT Connecticut's podcasts serve to provide a deeper dive into issues impacting members and the wider labor movement as part of the state federation’s engagement and communications programs.

Members are invited to send e-mail with their feedback as well as any questions and suggested topics for future episodes. *

Breaking news, event announcements, and urgent actions are also posted at the union's Twitter feed, Facebook page and website.

Music: "Mission Statement," Digital Juice.

* Be sure to include your full name, local union and employer.

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